Things to do and see in Venice Beach, CA...and more

1. Visit the friday morning farmer’s market in Venice Beach for seriously beautiful food shopping, . Always seasonal and fresh, and way more low key than the Saturday Santa Monica market. Very friendly farmers and neighbors…

2. Afterwards, walk along the Venice Beach canals and feel like you are in Italy…sort-of. Quiet, narrow, flower-lined paths wind along the canals and take you towards the beach.

3. Next, take a stroll along the Venice Beach boardwalk for some serious people watching. Check out the bodybuilders at Muscle Beach, catch a basketball game or hang out on the grassy hills along the beach and watch the skateboarder’s, roller bladers, bikers and graffiti artists do their thing in true CA style.

4. Have lunch at the cafe with outdoor patio seating at Surfas in Culver City, . It is also an amazing restaurant supply store carrying everything you can think of for pastry, cooking and pantry supply needs.