Sarah’s Kitchen is a website I started while participating in the 6-week Whole Life Challenge. These recipes are for those who enjoy eating delicious food and are ready to take control of their health and wellness.

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My brief history

by Sarah Mastracco

It has been widely proven that home cooking plays a huge role in wellness and weight loss. I am dedicated to helping others attain their best health through a well balanced diet full of crave-worthy food and to sharing health and exercise information and strategies that encourage self-care, balance and empowerment.

I have learned that simplicity of good taste, quality of ingredients and ease of preparation are key factors in the recipes that work for everyday cooking. Similarly, having access to at-home workouts and useful information can make incorporating daily movement and mindfulness practices more attainable and easy to accomplish.

I am a James Beard and Emmy nominated culinary producer, food stylist, cookbook author and healthy cooking chef based in Brooklyn, New York. My recipes have been featured on many television shows including The Martha Stewart Show, Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, Pati’s Mexican Table, Farmhouse Rules, Food Network’s Genius Kitchen and AOL Best Bites.

After years of working in top New York restaurants and as a TV Chef with many amazing talents, I am well versed in a wide range of cuisines. My passion for cooking is rivaled only by my passion for travel. My frequent trips to places near and far have opened my mind to flavors, ingredients and techniques that have helped shape my own style which is flavorful, healthy, colorful and communal.