Sarah Mastracco is a Culinary Producer, Chef and Food Stylist based in New York City. For the past 15 years, she has been an integral part of the culinary scene and the secret ingredient in the kitchens of such industry luminaries as Martha Stewart, Eric Ripert, Bobby Flay and Danny Meyer. Sarah's passion for food has taken her around the world and to the top of the food chain in a search for mastery. She brings her love of learning and invention to the art of cooking, whether she's working on TV, styling food or simply cooking for friends and family.

Sarah has been a Culinary Producer for the Food Network Shows Rewrapped, Seasons 1 & 2,  Restaurant Divided, PBS's Pati's Mexican Table, Chef on The Martha Stewart Show and has been a key player in the development and production of Martha's project, Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, currently airing on PBS. She has appeared many times on live television alongside Martha, demonstrating her own recipes. She has recently been working on a new project being launched by Turner Broadcasting. As a Chef for the series, she demonstrates recipes on air and styles food for the videos.

If there's anything that rivals her passion for food, it's travel. But, for Sarah the two go hand-in-hand. She spends two months a year abroad where she collects ideas and experiences, which then become a part of her work in the kitchen. Her home is full of food journals, recipe ideas, photos, and other keepsakes from favorite destinations such as Morocco, Italy, Spain and Greece, that inspire a signature style that is beautiful, simple, delicious and communal.